Friday, February 27, 2009

Rainy days...oh, and a sexy husband too :O)

hey blogging friends :O)
Here are some fun new pics.
I'm a little bothered because I accidentally erased some of the "originals", thus the black and white ones were the only ones left. Anyway, so some of the pictures looked better in color...but all I had was the BW version...
anyway, I'm just a little sad about it, so I thought I would mention it.
As the title suggested...these are a lot of FUN rainy day pictures! They didn't turn out as well as I would have liked, but oh well, at least you get an idea of our fun little mud puddle jumping excursion :O)
And the first two pictures are of....YES, my VERY sexy husband!
The quality of my picture taking was not up to par...but man, isn't he sexy?
Anyway, you don't have to answer that, just know that I VERY MUCH think so!
He had just cut his hair. It was a very big fro only moments before these pictures were taken.
I love him so much :O)

my spotted friends....

1, 2, 3....JUMP!

just enjoying the moment....
and why not!

1,2,3...blast off!

our little "tongue" concentrator...
I love him so much
digging with a shovel bigger than her...
it was tricky :O)

Pretty little girl with pretty little curls!
I really could eat her..SO CUTE!

more mud bathing!

....more spots!
hilarious... :O)
...both of these two faces are hilarious...
why are kids so funny!

A little concerned....
Another thoughtful moment....
(maybe he was just putting his shoe back on :O)
Rolling on the green green grass...
oh wait, it's black and white!
Darn it :O)I'm not good at "eliminating" pictures...
I need to work on this skill :O)

these two pics were especially darling in color....
Use your imagination :O)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

a WHOLE slew of pictures...Enjoy :O)

just a little FYI...
these pictures are in a very random order. I didn't want to spend forever sorting them, so the ones that I kind of "fiddled with" as far as coloring goes are named different, so I couldn't just go through them from beginning to end without them being out of anyway, that is my little disclaimer today :O)
Enjoy anyway!
When I was little girl, somebody took a picture of me and my mom right after she returned from along run. I have dreamt about the day when I could take a picture of my little girl and me when I just return from a run as well. We've taken some pictures, but they've not turned out nearly as cute as the picture I remember...soI figure this is "cuter" anyway....
she found my running shoes, and took off!!!!!
we call this "rain play"
It's a tent fort made of blankets, cushions, pillows, sleeping bags... and our kitchen table!
more "rain play"
We slid down the stairs in our sleeping bags...
we did this when I was little and it was always such a blast!

just a cute oliver and eliza moment at a REALLY FUN birthday party!
It's fun to see them together, it just puts a smile on my face!

Eliza in one of her MANY "punky brewster" outfits...
she comes up with the silliest things, and I just think it is SO CUTE!!!

Whoever is wearing the hat HAS to dance!
We blast the music and dance away sometimes, it's really fun!
It's especially fun because oliver is VERY serious about whoever wearing the hat having to dance...ESPECIALLY when it's HIM!
This time he wanted the tiger to dance with in the pictures you will see a Tiger on his head!


Valentines Day Party!

pretty...don't you think?

bothered by the cold...
this is our oliver (he REALLY hates being cold)

Cute little COOKIE!

ok...this is funny!
Oliver asked me the other day where I was in all of the pictures?
Since we got this new camera there are NO (very few anyway :O) pics of me...that's ok with me, but it is just funny that oliver noticed and wondered why?
so here you go...a picture of me :O)
(taken by me because aaron is kind of...not ready to try this new camera yet :O)
Punky Brewster outfit #2
a 3-6 month old sleeper (remember, she is 20 months now), oliver's tractor underwear, and oliver's red crocs!
We really get a kick out of her!
quircks and all...ISN'T SHE PRETTY!
Aaron's Sweet new Bike!
I want to call it his "HIPPIE" bike, but I can't...YET!
I'll post a picture when he's finished getting it all "dressed up" :O)
When it's done it will have: A sweet new brown leather Brooke's Saddle (seat), Brown Leather handle bar tape, a rack, and bags to go on the rack!
I can't wait! I'm more excited about "dressing it up" than he is...but he still is "pretty" excited!
I could eat her :O)

She's much cuter in my running shoes than I am! :O)

One handsome BOY!

the rest of the pictures are me...."fiddling around" with colors!

Have A Great Rest Of the Week Everybody!