Friday, May 22, 2009

have I told you lately....

that I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

oliver is a real mountain climbing pro.
He loves it, even though it doesn't really look like it in this picture :O)

Oliver took this picture.
I think he did a really GREAT job!

he took this one too :O)


the kids sportin' my hat!

a little water fun...
on a COLD evening (this was tonight:O)

I love this picture.
They were having SOOOO MUCH FUN!

I love him

I love them.....

2 little cuties....
and one little wedgy
(sorry boppy)
Oliver took this one too!
he's so good...


Blood pressure time!
We had to do EVERYBODY in our class....
so this is us doin the BP!
(I wish I had a picture of "the butt")
"the butt" is what we practice putting sterile dressings's pretty sweet.

clinical group!
(not the whole class, just half of us!)
"Pop that collar, throw up that sign- L.A.C. puttin' it DOWN, baby!!!"
This was entitled by one of my classmates!
I love them....
I really love love love my classmates!
and ps...don't worry, I know I look like an idiot:O)
Us being normal...

it's been a long time.

I have had a hard time updating my blog because I have NO pictures to add...not because I haven't taken any....believe me there are TONZZZZZZZZZZZz your're missing out on:O).....but.

Alas....I am a stinking perfectionist and haven't had the time to go through ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL of them and weed out the bad (which there are way too many, which is why I probably don't even go there....) and dig hard and deep to find the good. (I'm talking picture quality if you weren't quite following the whole "bad" and "good" thing:O)


lame I know...but deal with it because that is just how it is:o) ha!
anyway (I just had to get that off my chest).
(after I finished writing this post...I decided to add a few "sneak peak" pictures....not many....but hey, it's something, right!?)

The reason I am posting tonight is because I am seriously HEAD OVER HEALS IN LOVE! I'm not kidding you....I have never been more in love in my life.
I'm in love with my husband more than I have ever been....and I am SOOO in love with these two beautiful children who are sleeping peacefully and sweetly as I type this..... children whom my husband and I get to cherish and love for time and eternity....
my heart is so full...

Things have been crazy lately. School has kept me very busy and I am exhausted so much of the time that sometimes I wonder if we/our family/I will make it out of these two years SANE!

But through this SANITY, I have a CONSTANT....his name is Aaron. I cannot tell you how grateful, how blessed, and how TRULY lucky I feel to have him as my husband. He has stepped to the side from his own persuits, to let me have the dream I have/we have been waiting for, for so so long.

My husband cooks our meals, he does our grocery shopping, he stays home 2 days a week with the kids, and still works 40+ hours a week for his job.

He is my hero in this time of craziness....I couldn't do it if I didn't have him. I couldn't. He keeps me sane by helping keep our life as orderly and chaotic free as possible, even though what I used to think was chaotic is quite normal these days.
I've had to let a few things go...which has been hard...but we're going to get through this none the less.

And just for the record, here are the things that I have had to somewhat let go of, and just take care of when possible: LAUNDRY...this has been a big one. It gets done and folded eventually...but a big CLEAN pile builds up in a corner of our room. I do laundry at night because that is really the only time to do it...but it's usually in the middle of aaron working(from home) and myself as soon as it comes out of the just goes to "the corner". It's awful, and I HATE IT...but, it's one of those things that I've had to kind of let go. I've also had to let the TOYS go....I had them so organized and so, in order to keep things as CLEAN AS POSSIBLE, AS FAST AS POSSIBLE!.....they just get thrown in any one of the toy bins that happens to be sitting, to find anything is really impossible.

Running has also fallen to the way-side. This has been really hard on me..... I want to go so bad, but honestly I have not had the energy to get myself out I've learned something new about myself...I HATE RUNNING IN NEIGHBORHOODS! ....that's a strong word...I know, but it's true. Therefore, in order to run, which I have to do with the kids because there is no other has to be in a neighborhood, on a sidewalk (because the have no paths here and the streets are pretty busy, the ones that are "through" streets anyway), to say the least it's hard to get myself out there because I just don't enjoy it much.....AT ALL actually:O)

I'm a trail runner. I like the hills, I like the dirt...I like THE QUIET/no cars... I like the fresh, clean air, I like the smells, I like it because it makes me feel so good, it's so much more of a release than running on a street. My body has a LOT to sweat out, things that are on my mind...anxiety, fears, frustrations, emotions that just have no other escape than SWEATING out in a peaceful place:O)
I need it.'s been hard trying to find the time and energy to run, but I think I'm getting the hang of this first quarter for now (knock on wood) I'm getting back into it. I've gone 4 times this week, and it felt really good. Saturday mornings I run at Rancho (my long run), on monday's I go back to "the dish" and run with the kids. On tuesday I run with a friend, 6 am at Rancho. On thursdays we're trying to go together as a family....this week was our "pilot" week...AND IT WAS SUCH A SUCCESSSS!!!! I loved every minute of it (even though we were in neighborhoods). I LOVE NOTHING MORE than being with my family. I have missed more than you can ever know, running with my husband and our two beautiful little "boopoos"(that's what aaron has begun to lovingly call them...eliza's giraffy, whom she loves and adores probably more than aaron and I, is named "boopoo", so oliver and eliza are our "boopoos".....) was an incredible feeling to all be together, running, getting fresh air and just being outside. I told you...I am so in love right now, I can hardly stand it.

I'm ok writing this maybe "cheesy" post because it's not always like this. There are times when oliver and eliza have driven me so crazy during the day that I feel like I am going to burst...
and often times it's not only for a "day"'s like a week...or MAYBE even a month at a time.

Life is hard and there is a lot that can be bad some of the time.

BUT, right now it IS good. And I want to remember how incredible it feels.

Tonight was precious. We have started putting the kids to bed in separate rooms because they keep eachother awake FOR HOURS if we let them sleep together. It's really fun to hear them giggling and playing...but it has really affected their sleep...which they need in order to function...

anyway, so every night we get to make the switch at about 10pm. We move eliza from our room back into oliver's room. I do "the pick up" and aaron moves the bed and gets it ready in oliver's room (it's the pack'n play).

"the pick up" is one of the best parts of my day. It includes holding our beautiful sleeping baby in my arms, as tightly as I can....who doesn't love that? It really is the most peaceful feeling in the world. I never feel so much love and peace as I feel when I'm holding our sleeping children...
I could hold them forever, and sometimes I wish I could.
(my computer froze and I just lost a ton of this I'm just going to end here because I am too tired to figure out what I lost :O)

Anyway~just thought I would let you know we're still kickin' and going about our lives!

I love school, and am really happy that I am finally doing what I've been wanting to do for so long. It's craziness, but it'll only get harder, so I'm trying not to get too lost in it all...because I have to save myself/our family for what's to come. At least that's what everybody says who are in quarters ahead of us, so I am bracing myself, and hopefully we'll just make it through :)


I think that's it for now.....have a great week everybody, and a Happy Memorial Day!