Thursday, March 20, 2008

A TON of STUFF!!!!

The Two Cutest kids I ever did meet!!!!!!
this is oliver breaking his bread, getting ready to feed sister little bite sized pieces!

And here is oliver giving her those little pieces of bread, which she loves and ADORES SO MUCH! She really does love bread! is the QUESTION OF THE DAY!!!!

DO you think Oliver and Eliza Look Alike?...I really just don't know?

Oliver taking sister for her very first car ride!! they are again :O) they look alike?

Oliver doing his somersault....aka "mutter-sault"
Oliver is into building up cities! Here is one of his train track cities! If you can see, there is an "orange man on the bell tower"...he was really impressed by that!
Courtyard boys....aren't they DARLING!!!
Wow...I really love this face! he is soo funny!
sister still CRUISIN...and oh she's cute!
Oliver vacuuming! he's VERY strategic you know...
Oliver washing his sippy cup, along with anything else he can get his hands on!
I love this picture...look closely!

Daddy doing taxes, oliver vacuuming and sister in the background chillin in her chair so she doesn't get into mommy's sweeping mess...

I just think it's funny!

oliver still cleaning...washing the floor :O)
Oliver "cooking"...this is how he cooks!

He makes all sorts of yummy stuff ...

Just a darling little girl

a VERY VERY messy little girl! I love how matted down her hair is.

She is just so funny!
Scrumptious food, and a darling little girl!!!
I love this picture too...

I came in from the kitchen, and saw eliza cuddling with giraffie! Oh, this was so precious...

shoveling in the goods...mmmmmmmm!

Ok folks!

So, here we have a WHOLE BUNCH of pictures....and yes of course, they are pictures of oliver and eliza.

So here is the thing....I have a lot to write about, so I will try to make it as short and succinct as possible. I guess we'll start with little eliza:

Eliza has GROWN so much in the past month...and even just throughout today she has blossomed socially! This very day, Thursday, March 20th 2008 Eliza began Waving hello, and clapping her hands!!!!!! Isn't that darling...gosh I'm a sucker for stuff like this. I am so proud of her. She does both of them constantly now, just to get a reaction out of us...I love it.

Also within the last month she began crawling. She definitely chooses this over her Army scoot, so she is well on her way. She is pulling herself up onto things and that is very exciting for her as well. She is a very picky eater these days (I guess she always has been kind of :O)...SHE REFUSES to let us spoon feed her baby food...therefore, she only eats finger food that she herself inserts into her mouth. If we even "attempt" to feed her finger food, she takes it out immediately, examines it very suspiciously...and then re-inserts it back into her own mouth...BY HERSELF!!!! Oh it is funny!...I just have to wonder why she is so dubious about letting us feed I'll probably always have to wonder :O)

She talks constantly...but as I am typing this, I think her squawking days have started occurring less frequently than they used to...oh I am grateful for that!

hmm....I think that might be it for her :O)

Oliver is really really really funny these days. He copies us constantly and does things EXACTLY the way we do them. there is a picture above of Oliver vacuuming...when he vacuums, he does it just like I do. I'm always asking aaron to scoot back from the computer so I can get underneath the desk. In that same picture he had just gotten through asking aaron to move his chair so he could vacuum underneath....we were laughing so hard. He HAS to be apart of my washing the dishes ritual every morning...He'll usually help (if I let him) during the process of me washing, but mostly he likes the sink ALLL TO HIMSELF, so he waits until I'm done and then he takes over. He'll wash anything he can get his hands on...and he'll be entertained for quite some time.

He also LOVES cooking. I wonder if this will stay with him as it has with aaron...I guess we'll just have to see. He "cooks" all of the time. Usually when he "cooks" he has a bowl of flour, some utensils, and another bowl of some sort to transfer and dump the flour into. This really keeps him entertained for a long time. It is such a mess, but he loves it so much! And he HAS to have his cool apron on while cooking as well! We usually find him making: Cinnamon rolls, German pancakes, cream of wheat (which he's making and feeding to sister), cookies, chocolate, eggs and water! It is so funny. We'll ask him what he's doing and he says, "Oh, I'm just makin' Cinnamon rolls" is very funny!

So...Here are some very funny things that Oliver has been saying and talking about lately!

1. the other day I came down stairs and oliver was looking at a statue we have on our computer desk. He began to tell me that the "drummer man's" elbows were weird....I then proceeded to ask him why, and he just kept saying they were weird...finally, I was just really curious as to why he would think they were so weird and I asked one more time...."why"...and he said....
"it's up to you!" I was flabbergasted...the way he said it was so hilarious, and the funniest thing about it, is that I HAVE NO IDEA where he got that from! Oh my goodness, it was hilarious. The way he says it is darling too....oh, what a funny boy.

2. He is in a MAJOR jumping off of things stage! So the other day he was jumping out of his high-chair, and I told him to be careful because it looked a little dangerous....he then proceeded to tell me this" It's COOL... not dangerous mom!!!" He looked at me very seriously when he said it, and continued to Jump....aaron and I got a kick out of that.

3. Whenever we ask him what he is doing he says "nothin".

4. HE LOVES to do somersaults. We have a cool set up with our couch cushions and we make it into a nice slanted surface that he can roll down. First of all he says somersault very cute, he says "MUTTER-SAULT"...very funny. Then as he proceeds to do the actual somersault, I told him to say: "touch the sky, touch your toes, tuck your head and roll"...he says: "touch your toes, touch the sky, touch your toes, tuck and roll...." He is so cute, and it's so fun to watch him do them.

5. He has begun begging for "home-made" songs. Randomly one night he asked me to sing "the tractor song" which I said, "Oliver, I don't know that song" which he just kept begging me to sing it. So now we sing "the tractor song" which is to the tune of twinkle twinkle little star and is just anything I can come up with for tractors. Since then he has asked me to sing "the hole song", "the cup song", "the star song"....those are the only ones I can recall at the moment!

Anyway...that's our children in a nut shell! We hope you enjoy the pictures!

By the way...I have question for whoever would like to answer! Do you think Oliver and Eliza look alike? If so, who do you think they look more like? And if not, do you think either one of them looks more strongly like Aaron or myself? Or does one or either look like neither Aaron or I? As I have been going through pictures, I just CANNNOT tell if they look alike! So I just want to know what all ya'all think!

Well...that's all folks, enjoy!!!!!


joni ann

ps...there is another "new" post below this one. Not too interesting though ;o)

just a little FYI...

Hello,'s been a while since my last post, so here we are!

Life has been really busy lately~ as always of course...but it has been busy in a "new" way :O) And that is a little exciting for me.

For those who may not know, dancing was pretty much everything to me from 5yrs-19yrs old. I preformed a ton, I competed a ton... and if I remember correctly, that is all I did :O).
When I got married and moved away, I felt as though dancing would never again be a very big part of my life...not because marriage did that to me or anything....I just felt like I needed to "move on" or something.
I started going to school and doing pre reqs. for nursing and that is pretty much all I did.

To say the least...there was a very large void in my life, and I did not know exactly what to do about it.
Dance classes are expensive, therefore I didn't feel I could do that. To make a long story short (I know I know...I make a short story WAYYYYY too long)
I began teaching at a Dance Academy that is right down the street from where we live (I've been there on and off now for about 2 years). However, I didn't realize that I could take classes for free there until just now.... so it is perfect. I get to do a little teaching, but also get to have a little dance rejuvenation for myself....PS. it's a lyrical jazz class that I am taking and I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

Another thing that has been keeping me busy is a dance fitness class that our ward started doing. We meet on Monday and Wednesday mornings, and I get to teach dance to some of the women in our ward (also some women from another ward come as well)....Oh my goodness...this is very fun for me. I love teaching adults. Children are fun, but...for some reason I just prefer adults.
We started Last week, and it has just been a really great outlet for me. I hope it continues and is successful, because I really really enjoy it. We did Arabic Belly Dancing Last week, and this week we did salsa. It's mainly to get exercise in a more interesting way than just going to the gym or going running in the mornings. The women seem to enjoy that is all I could hope for!

Anyway...I just thought I would give a little info. on what I am doing these days :O)

Ps...I did not get into nursing school this last month. The lottery was on march 4th. I don't talk about it much because I'm really bothered by the whole thing. I'm ok....I just would like to move on with this part of my life, and it's really frustrating to keep hitting a stop sign.

Aaron is having great success in his research. He just now gave a presentation at NASA AMES, and from what I hear it was very successful. It was an hour long presentation (poor guy...he's probably never spoken for a whole hour in his entire life :O)...he feels like it went well though, so that is good! A prospective future employer (if that is what you would call him) was able to listen in, so hopefully he thought aaron did well....we'll see!

Oliver and eliza are doing great. I think I'll just do a whole new post just for them. Man they're cute!

joni ann