Sunday, August 31, 2008

Let the Fun begin...again!

Any day now....

In LABOR!!!!


this was taken right after he took the above picture of me.....

oliver was on his way....AAAAH!

ok folks,

So, I'm probably jumping the gun...but we should be expecting another little one around the end of April (maybe beginning of may...we'll see :O)

We just found out yesterday, via a home pregnancy test...and the result was PREGNANT! Aside from happening sooner than we anticipated, this is just what we were hoping for!

We're thrilled!

With both oliver and eliza, we waited a REALLLLLLLY long time before we told ANYBODY (parents included)! pretty much when we found out the sex is when the word got to spreading. (except with eliza, I couldn't hold it in and blurted it out to a really good friend before I even took the home test, she then kept it a secret for a very long time...thanks again :O)
We would go running all of the time, and that is when we talk "baby" stuff mostly, and there was no way I could keep it from her.

Anyway, I feel that there is no need to not tell....I felt very strongly before about not telling, for various reasons that nobody really cares about.

None the less, this is our baby, and whatever happens it will be ours for eternity; whether we raise it here and now or later in the next life to come....

Also....I have a feeling that my tummy won't be "hiding" this little one for as long as the previous two...and instead of people thinking I'm gaining regular old weight, some will actually know that I am pregnant :O)

So, indeed, let the fun begin!...

I have so many thoughts and feelings that I really just want to get out. Now is not the time because I am really tired. It's 11:40pm, and most of you know we like to get to bed this is really pushing it :O)

anyway, I love oliver and eliza so much.

Oliver is just a grown up little boy and He is just adorable. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH! I love him for so many reasons that I really could never even express in words. He brings LIFE into my life and I just can't thank Heavenly Father enough for him.

Eliza is growing like a weed, and is just the cutest little walking creature I have ever seen. She is still teeny, and walks really well, but still TEETERS a lot. Gosh she's cute. I honestly could just eat her.

She folds her arms to pray at just the sight of food (kids are such good reminders...they really don't let you forget). She wants anything and everything...if anybody has anything, she will be right there FAST to try and get it! She throws BRILLIANT tantrums and we just have to laugh at them because they are so so dramatic. She and oliver both love their stuffed "girraffies" and always want to hold them and love them just after waking up. Eliza even insists on carrying it around all throughout the day. She tries to escape outside with it in her arms. She looks at me, and as quickly as she possibly can, she teeters out the door... She's not quite fast enough to go too far. She says cute little words such as: jump, shirt, out, more, milk......

They are both so FULL of life and bring so much energy, curiosity, Excitement and wonder into our home, into our lives. I love them, and I just wish I could express it how I feel it. They mean everything to me...Our family, and the Eternal unit that we are means everything to me.

good night everybody, have a great week...and wish us luck!


Thursday, August 28, 2008


So here is the thing....there are TONS of pictures here.
Many of you know that I'm working on learning how to use a new camera...therefore, because I'm not so great at getting good pictures, I have to take thousands to practice. Anyway, this being said, I am also indecisive about which ones to choose. So you have a lot to look through. And believe me, there are still HUNDREDS to come!

GINORMOUS bird fly!

Take a closer look...there is even a bird fly that we captured in this picture!
Mid-AIR, trying to get oliver's OREO!
ps...aaron came up with the name bird fly. It fit because the were "nearly" the size of birds!
(however, we also like to exaggerate to make our point! :O)

This was the place we were supppposed to camp out at!
It really was beautiful, but we just felt like we needed to go all of the way.

This looks even cuter in color...but I couldn't find it!


hunting for bugs!

pretty BEAN!
Sorry about the sun-dot...I just thought you looked really pretty, so I wanted to add it to the collection :O)

breakfast time.....
cousins together!!!! FUNNNNNNN



two little cuties!!!!
one little cutie!


oops again!
I promise it's not my fault. When I uploaded "my pictures" from the blog, it kept changing the names of my pictures...really! So that is why there are doubles.

I hope my kids get to have this cool of a PLAYHOUSE!
The Front of the Hotel!!!
cute little boy going shopping through the neighborhood!
the boys trying to fix the "unfix-able" bikes!
We tried mom and dad, and it was fun, but we just couldn't get them to work so well!

Oliver loved the trampoline....
if he was the only one on it! He didn't like being "cracked" and bounced by other kids!
The mosdell's chickens!
My goodness he's cute!

Our old backyard, luckily we can still play there!
The mosdells bought our back-back yard property, and this is what they've done with it. It looks really really GREAT, and the kids LOVE it!

They're here....our pictures have finally been uploaded, shrunk, and everything else that has needed to be done in order for them to be BLOGGED!!!!! HOOORAY!

Many of you may not be as excited as I am about this...but nonetheless, I know my sisters and mother and father will be greatly pleased to see these pics. Not because they're going to be super great, but because I was a like the paparazzi on this trip and now everyone wants to see the "damage" I have caused :O)
Anyway, here they are. I will post them in "huge chunks" of three or four until you've seen the best of our trip....

These first set of pictures include our JOURNEY to Southern Utah. We had stopped near barstow with plans of camping, and then leaving the next day for the rest of our journey...however due to GINORMOUS bird flys (you will see), HUGE burning red ants... and a much too desolate area that kind of made my insides uneasy, we went the whole way in one day. Even though I didn't want to camp in this particular area, it really was INCREDIBLY beautiful. I almost think now that we probably could have stayed...but I guess the past is past right!?!

Our second set of pictures is the next couple of days once we arrived in Kanab. My home, the yard, cousins, sisters, THE BEAUTIFUL RED RED ROCK! I love it there, and it was heaven to be back...especially during the summer. It's been a long time since I've seen my home during the summer when I loved it the most growing up!....It was just as great, and just as beautiful as I remember!!!!!!
and I hope you enjoyed this mom and dad!!!!
ps...thanks again ashley for the adorable clothes!!! I think oliver is wearing them in most of the pictures! I'll have to take pics of eliza in her's really beautiful, and I love how it looks on her!!!!