Wednesday, October 31, 2007



So, we have been living in the bay area for over 3 years now, and have never experienced an earthquake.....that is until last night!
to my friends who live here and also who may be from here...don't make fun of me :O).....
Aaron tutors a boy, and we had gone to visit the family....I'd never met them before and he's been tutoring him since we moved here.
Anyway, oliver was playing with this Fancy BRIO train set, Eliza was crying because we don't know why (maybe instincts now that I think about it), and aaron had started tutoring the boy in some far off room because they live in a MANSION!!!!!!
All of a sudden everything just started shaking, and most noticeable was this Major rumbling under my feet....I panicked and said, "Oh my gosh, this is an Earthquake"...I was holding eliza and quickly swept oliver into my arms, and ran to another room in hopes to find aaron looking for us.....
by that time, the ground stopped rumbling, and we all were just quiet but still "shaken up".
Anyway....everything was ok, it was just a very very petrifying few moments.
Honestly, the scariest part was that I was positive that the rumbling under my feet was going to escalate and become really dangerous....that did not happen and I am very grateful.
just thought I'd share with you the excitement of our first and 5.6 earthquake!!!!
joni ann

Thursday, October 25, 2007

hello hello!!!

Some Really Cute Pics!!!

eliza just being eliza... :O)


daddy time after church!


eating pretzels on the job....

tummy time with oliver and eliza :O)

Hello to all!

Well...It's been a while since I have posted. I should be studying, I have an exam on Monday...but I've already procrastinated, so I figure I'll procrastinate a little more!


I guess I really want to thank my mom and dad for coming and staying with us for 2 whole weeks! (mom, have no idea how much that meant to me/us.) We're a pretty tight schedule oriented family (there's a time and a place for more most things, and we don't like to stray from that "too" much :O), so I think that was a little bit hard for my parents to get used to...but we appreciate you "playing along" with the madness, and accepting and respecting how we raise our little ones.

You were such a big help, and it really meant so much to not only have your help, but to have your company! We love you and can't wait to see you soon!

Oliver is still talking about grandma j and grandpa jon!!!!....I think he misses building towers with you dad, because whenever we get the blocks out, he asks for grandpa jon.

A lot is going on here it feels like.... Aaron is busy with work, I'm still trying to get through school, which I love by the way, and am very excited about the direction it's taking me. I will find out in November if I get into Nursing I am very anxious about that...but I WON'T hold my breath :O).

Aaron has CONVERTED me to biking, and I LOVE IT SOOO MUCH!!! I don't have my own road bike yet, but I have been using his to get me to and from school...and I really just can't begin to say how much I love it.

I feel like Growing up (grade school-high school), riding a bike wasn't really the thing to do...I don't remember many people doing it.

Being in this area though, EVERYBODY and their dogs bike... "babies come out of the womb knowing how to ride a bike!" (a funny saying about the kids here)

It's nice to exercise, get fresh air, and rely on your OWN energy, to get you to and from places! Our next purchase is going to be a bike trailer and double jogging stroller in one. Aaron can't wait to get oliver into one of those trailer's and see how he likes it!!!! We think he will really LOVE it! And I for one CANNNOT wait to get the double so I can take both oliver and eliza running with me....

I ran the dish for the first time with a double jogger (borrowed).... with my great friend brooke and her little one McKenzie. It was really hard, but it was REALLLY REALLY fun! So I am very anxious to finally get a double jogger. It was eliza's first time going on a run with mama and oliver... and I think she really liked it! She was wide awake the whole time, and she didn't peep once!

Anyway....I think that is enough info. for now :O)

Things are going well here, and I guess I will just check in a little later! Oh, My friend Ashley is coming to visit this Saturday, and I am VERY much looking forward to spending time with her!!!

So I guess I will be back probably after you an update on how all of that goes!!!

sly joni ann

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Boppy's Birthday...Slideshow edition :O)

For Oliver's Birthday, we got him an easel, and he "liked" that....but aunt Debbie got him a SPIDER MAN toy and it was by far the best thing ever!!!! It's Spiderman riding a motorcycle that is motorized and goes by is just VERY VERY COOOL!!!!! He was scared of it at first, but now he just CANNNOT get enough!!!!
I'm not sure how oliver got into spiderman, he's never seen the show...but he really is amazed by him, and it is really fun to know that when we need to get things for oliver...the spiderman route will always work (for now anyway).
My mom just got him a spiderman water bottle...and a spiderman "hopper" (the balls with a handle that you can jump with)... IT IS SOOO FUN!
He loves the water bottle because he feels like such a big boy...and he is always wanting the spiderman water bottle to "watch" him do neat little things (eg: eat, get his diaper changed, play with his spiderman motorcycle...on and on!) He is very cute!!!!

He is talking up a storm these days, and believe me there is no OFF switch :O)!!! It is very fun because I feel like we can really carry on a conversation and he pretty much always knows what I am talking about and can converse back with me!!!...It is SO FUN! He still has "oliver" language, but believe it or's getting better!!! Today he actually said "MOTOR CYCLE" instead of "duh-du-dus".

I'm trying to make these posts a little more "short and sweet" I bid you farewell, and good night for now!

My parents are in town, so Look for a LOT of fun new pictures this sunday! We have had so much fun having them here...I don't want them to leave.


happy birthday boppy!!!!

Happy birthday oliver!!! WE LOVE YOU....

I can hardly believe it...our little boy is officially 2 years old, and has been since monday October 8th, 12:49 am!!!!!!!
We had a VERY FUN family birthday party in the evening (thanks mom and dad for being here), and it really ended off the day perfectly.
I love you oliver, and I hope you know that.....

oliver...our brand new angel

oct. 8th 2005

our little boy has turned ONE YEAR OLD!!!

oct. 8th 2006

oliver's giraffy cake...and us!

oct. 8th 2006

happy birthday oliver!!!! He didn't want to show it...

but he LOVED his spiderman toy!

oct. 8th 2007

family picture...oliver wouldn't give up spiderman for NOTHIN!

oct. 8th 2007

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Christmas MUSIC!!!!! i know i know....

Eliza posing on the "star" pillow!!!!! I attempted to put her hair down

"A LOT of BOOKS" ... that is what he said when I found him in the closet dumping all of his books out!!!!

Well....since it is unbearably FREEZING here...I have decided that the only thing that could possibly make it bearable is of course, CHRISTMAS MUSIC!!!!!!

I know some people are pretty against this...but you really makes a difference for me. I am totally LOVING it, and really CANNOT wait to decorate for Christmas this year because we finally have some FUNNNNN decorations..not to mention A FABULOUS TREE that aaron surprised me with last year!

...I will forever look back on that moment of aaron walking through the door with this HUGE BOX....and remember that he really made our Christmas so special. We didn't have a tree at all.

He went out to buy running shoes and came back like 5 hours later!!! I wasn't super happy about the time it took him and wondered what in heavens name he was doing (see...we don't have cell phones :O)... make a long story short, he didn't get the shoes, but found a beautiful Christmas tree outside of Goodwill and payed only 10 dollars for it....and it's HUGE AND BEAUTIFUL!!!! I CANNNNOT WAIT to see it and all of its beauty again this year. He bought it only the day before Christmas, so we weren't able to keep it up too long!!! It came with a mini tree and also TONS of lights! We were really blessed, and I can't even begin to tell you what it meant to me. I know it is "just a tree"....but when you've not had a Christmas tree in many years, it really brings back a flood of memories when Christmas was reallly exciting.

And now oliver is "maybe" starting to get to the age where Christmas will be very fun for him this is just going to be so fun....I am just so excited!

So that is that :O)

This week has been a good one. I decided that I felt good about going back to school...but last night I had a bad dream kind of involving the same kid at I don't know...

But as of now, I feel good about it. I am really loving it, and think it is some of the greatest material I have ever "had" to learn. I actually look forward to going to class...that is not how it has been in the past (chem., math, A and P,....they just didn't do quite the same thing for me:o)

So I love it...and that really makes me happy.

Oliver and Eliza did really well this week!!! We've all been sick, and oliver wakes up coughing a lot (usually around 5 am)...and then doesn't go back to sleep. He stays awake and talks to "sister"....which isn't super fun because then she wakes up, and we have ourselves a loud raucous!

But....they are such good kids, angels really...I truly feel so blessed to have such good-happy kids.

Eliza is following in oliver's steps and rolled over last week. It is pretty much the same timing as oliver. The only difference is that she rolls tummy to back, and he first rolled back to tummy! She is really trying hard to go back to tummy though....

They both seem to be pretty independent kids...I wonder if I will ever have any cuddlers, but I've learned that this is just how they are, and I am 100% getting to be "ok" with it :O).

well...I think that is all for now...

actually, I just have a few funny phrases that oliver says here they are:

"HEY GUYS"...even if he is just talking to "sister"...or one of his Giraffys!

"Honey..Look!" or " this"

whenever he wants us to see the "amazing" things he is doing, this is what he says!

"Goove Over"..whenever he wants us to move over, or scoot over to give him his "space" :O)

"Ya" or "Yep"....HE IS FINALLY giving us yes answers in Ya's and yep's....I can't tell you how happy this makes me!!!!

"nose good", "nose Yucky".... if something smells good or bad sometimes he says "nose" instead of smells!!!! it is very funny!