Sunday, January 3, 2010

once upon a time...I ran a marathon

St. George Marathon - 2009

here's to running marathons..."cheeers!"

now for a little TMI

Here is what I learned from running this marathon!...again, this might be TMI for you, so beware.

1. If you are not used to eating fast food or random food from a gas station....don't eat this right before you run 26.2 miles.

2. If you choose to eat the above items which may or may not include: a Wendy's Frosty (come on...I couldn't help myself, I really only get it once a year), subway sandwich, CHEEEEEEEEEEESEY taco soup, and a fettuccine Alfredo pasta/chicken, this wasn't all in one sitting; this was the day prior to me "having" to run 26.2 miles.

3. Again...if you perhaps chose to eat the above items before running for a very VERY LONG is what may or may not possibly happen:

a. diarrhea
b. throwing up
c. nearly passing out
d. needing an IV related to the above complications....

and yes....all of the above occurred to me on the day of the marathon. Unfortunately the "D" word presented throughout the race.... 3 TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!.... One of which could not be held until the next porta-potty...and I had to run out into the bushes, up a hill and behind a tiny little stub of a bush to "you know..." Fortunately the other two items (barfing and IV) did not have to occur until after I crossed the finish line.

LUCKILY I had my great friend Brooke who ran with me (part of it....she is much faster than me :O),


LUCKILY I had my two beautiful sisters to help me when I honestly thought I was going to pass out...I was miserably miserable, but the IV fluids rejuvenated me and I was able to spend a few pleasant hours with my sisters whom I love and adore, and then had to catch a shuttle to the vegas airport.
I flew home that night and was OH SO HAPPY to see my family!

Ok folks...
I'm caught up as of now, and I probably will not revisit this blog until the end of the quarter; if you are lucky (or not...depending on how you look at it:O), I'll be back in 6 weeks with an update!!!

wish me luck on this quarter, it's supposed to be the second hardest out of our whole nursing I'm anxious to get it over with!!!

good night and
(ps...most of the pictures were taken from my sister's blog.....thanks bean, I hope you don't mind me snatching these:O)....I'm just glad you took some pictures!

obsessive bandana collector and a triathlon!

....I can't not buy an interesting bandana; it's impossible to stop myself.
Thanks Grandma Beth (it all started with using her bandanas as dress ups when we were I have a bunch of her old bandanas, and add to the collection, WHENEVER I find an interesting one:O)
The really "neat" blue one that eliza is wearing came from a tiny little shop in downtown Leavenworth I love that place!

oh...and yes, the triathlon was a blast! looking forward to trying some summer maybe :O)???


bandanas and a triathlon!

yes....beach time at the end of this last summer!!!

Enjoy the sun....
revisiting these pictures makes me LLLONNNG for hot summer days!...Oh sun how I love thee!


THE BEACH!!!!!!...and a few other things!

ummm...just me!

so ~ I was just going to send these to my mom, but decided to just post for the world to see...yes I did a Halloween "photo shoot" in my witch costume because I didn't get any pictures of me in it...and my mom really wanted to see the outfit (maybe I just wanted to show her since she was a witch too and I thought we chose a pretty similar attire! :O)
A big thanks to mr. katz for taking so many pictures...he wasn't thrilled, but it was kind of fun :O)
that is my disclaimer! hahaa


Witch costume!


click on pic to view the album!!!!!


first set of October!


ps...remember, to see the whole album you need to click on the picture!!!!


Saturday, January 2, 2010

let's see if this works....

ok on the pic for more!....this website takes way too long to get pictures uploaded, so I'll do this and see how it goes!
mom, dad...does this work for you? :O)


DRESS UP! funnnn...


lots of pictures....

More of December 2009

my friend didn't have a star for her christmas tree...
so I decided to make her one.
I like how it turned out :O)

little ornaments we made...

Aaron and the kids working on our weekly bread...
he makes it once a week,
and it lasts until the next week!
getting SOOO good at staying in the lines!!!!!!

Christmas Eve!
Homemade cranberry/orange/walnut bread and Eggnog for Santa...and us:O)
(and a carrot for the reindeer)

aaron's eggnog was SO delicious!!!

Santa had a BLAST this year!!!!

thanks mom and dad!
we love it....

Trix and Reeses Peanut Butter Puffs are a tradition every year for Christmas...
the kids get them in their stockings!!!!

Merry Christmas!