Wednesday, July 30, 2008

PICTURES....don't judge too harshly on the quality...I'm working on it!!!!!!

Enjoy the pics

Hola everyone!
A lot has been going on lately... life has been BUSY!!!!!

Eliza is starting to walk!!!! HOOORAYYYYY!!!!! Everyday she takes more and more steps, but I still think it will be awhile for her to take the plunge and walk for good! She is very "attached" to her spider walk (crawling on hand hand foot foot instead of knees :O), and is very very fast at doing so....

walking for her is a very slow and concentrated I think it will take a while :O)

But it is exciting that she is TRYING!!! Her most so far has been 7 steps in a row!
I'm not going to bore you with words today, I'll just post a BUNCH of pics! I know I've really needed to catch up.

However, I am a major perfectionist and am still not pleased with the picture quality of the pictures. I am learning how to use this thing (it is very complex :O) So as I am learning I am making a LOT of mistakes......

but I need to get some pics up here sometime, so now or never.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

potty training, camera's, cake, and nothing else too exciting!

Dear blogging friends (family included :O)

It has been a long time since I have posted. My last entry dealt with potty training, so I guesss I will start from there.

It has been one week and four days since we started potty training oliver. He is doing reallllly reallly great. After the first 3 days he stopped having accidents. Even nap times were/are good to go. From 7am to 7 pm he is in underwear and is GREAT! We haven't quite mastered the "middle of the night" potty training, but we're working on it...
He really is enjoying being diaper free...and SO ARE WE!

So...on to Camera's! We finally bought ourselves a REAL camera that takes REAL pictures! Pictures that actually capture LIFE! At least that is what it feels like! My grandparents were really great photographers, and I always felt like that was something I wanted to get better at. I almost took a photography class once, but decided I needed a REAL camera for that, and it wasn't exactly affordable (so we thought :O)
Anyway, to make a long story short, our really good friends are very knowledgeable in the world photography, the Nikon Camera world! They have great camera gear, and endless knowledge, so we figured it was time to get going on our photography skills!
I recently made a photo book for eliza and loved everything about it EXCEPT the picture quality of my pictures. We have some pics in there taken from our friends camera...and they look amazing....but my pictures were not good at all.
Since then, I have been in the market for a NICE digital SLR camera! I finally found the perfect one on craigslist! Our "camera" friends (the husband :O) went with aaron to check it out last night. He did some tests on it, made sure it was in good shape and everything worked. They came home with the camera and now I am desperately trying to figure it all out! They gave us a crash course in how to use the camera last night, but it's going to take me a while...a LLLLONG time to get it all down.
We got the Nikon D70 (used)! We don't have our lens yet, so we are using our "friends'" lens to practice. I'll pick up the lens tomorrow!
It was a great deal, and we're getting everything for less than the price aaron and I agreed that is FANTASTIC!

Anyway, it is all very exciting and thanks to Pester and MDester for allllll of your help and beautiful pictures which helped me realize what a crappy camera we had :O)
ps. (I don't know what else to call you guys on here....the "camera friends" was getting OLD... so, I hope you don't mind :O)

On to cake! So I had a's true! I am officially 24 years old as of July 7th. It was a good day, and all I wanted (well that's not true :O), but one thing I really wanted was my mom's Patio cake. She called, gave me the recipe....and I made it! It was reallllllllllllllllllllllllly good. The frosting was different than I remember, but it was still really good.
Anyway, I am just writing to say that I LOST THE RECIPE! I told my sis I would put it on the blog....but, I can't find it. Can you believe it? I can't. Anyway, I hope to find it soon and I'll post it when/IF I do !!!! It is a delicious chocolate cake with a hint of Cinnamon... DELICIOUS!
Anyway, I hope to find it soon.

Ok, I am pretty much done. This post again was not very interesting. But at least your caught up a little bit (if you were interested in the first place :O) with what is going on here.

ps....we went on a reallllly AWESOME (did I really say that :O) bike ride last saturday with the kids and our "camera friends" :O)
For a PERFECT understanding of how that Excursion went see, this blog site!...You willl surely be amused!

Have a great day everybody, and I'll be in touch!...I'll post pics taken with our new camera soon!


Friday, July 11, 2008

Victory on the TOILET!!!!

It is official!

We started potty training oliver yesterday!!!!!! HOOOORAY! It's definitely not going perfect...however, I do know it is finally the "RIGHT" time and he is doing really well. He had two pee accidents yesterday, but since then has been able to go on the toilet. He went pee once yesterday on there.... 3 times this morning... AND FOR THE BIG SHOCKER!!!!!!! He even went poop this morning! He was playing outside, came running in and said he needed to go. We ran up, he did his business and he was SOOOOO PROUD!!!!!
I have a few pics of this whole event (not gross, I promise), and I will expound a little more later. I'm sure he won't be completely potty trained for a while and may even regress some at times...but this is just really fun, and I KNOW he is ready!!!!!!

Have a great day everybody!!! Mom and dad...this is mainly for you :O)