Saturday, May 17, 2008

Eliza's First Hair cut...... :0) )0:

dearest friends and family!

Well, The time finally came...We had to chop eliza's LONG and (thinning) hair! It is always hard to make the first cut...but we knew it was quite necessary...
It started last sunday morning when I was trying to get eliza ready for church...her hair just wasn't cooperating. Therefore, I took some scissors and cut a few pieces that were just sticking out. I later realized that was a very bad idea as her hair ended up really uneven and crazy. So on tuesday I fixed it up and cut it as even as I could....and this is the result!!!!! Oh my goodness, I think she looks great (not my hair cutting job... just the fact that she looks really cute with shorter/CURLY hair!!!!) I really love the new "do" on her! So anyway, here are some pictures of the hair cut. In the middle there is one pic. of right before I cut it! Anyway!