Saturday, February 23, 2008

"clutch in"

A few random pictures!
Oliver and eliza going down the slide "together"....
that is until oliver let her go, and down she came all by herself.

A pretty view from one of our runs up on "the dish"
eliza's cute little profile....
Oliver and his reallly good friend/GIRLFRIEND!!!! These two were probably each other's VERY first friend...and they still love each other so much! Isn't she a doll!
ps...thank you for the pictures brooke!

Here they are again! two peas in a one time somebody asked if they were twins!
This is eliza chowing down on her cheerios!
Another view from the dish....this was supposed to show the kids with daddy's work in the background....but it was a bit too smoggy, and you can't see it....
This is why "the dish" is called "the dish" :O)
This is the satellite dish that oliver gets really excited to see.


Well....this week has been full of great fun....or has it? :O) just kidding.

We have had a good week. For all of those who do not know....which is most of you, we got a new car a little over 2 weeks ago (Honda new to us, it is a 2006).

It was a very eventful purchase for our family, as we have yet to purchase something so large/expensive our whole entire marriage....however it wasn't nearly as expensive as we were we were grateful for that.
It is a pretty car, and we will have to get a picture of it soon.

So, not only did we purchase a car....we purchased a car that is a STICK SHIFT!

I have NEVER EVER EVER driven a stick in my life (except for the time that aaron "tried" to teach me while we were dating.... and that was a complete joke).

Anyway, to say the least....I have really had to humble myself to let aaron REALLY teach me how to drive this car....which is probably why I haven't posted anything on this "purchase" until now.

Until this week, every time I thought about that car....I had an anxiety attack, and wanted to throw up. We bought the car because it rates really great on all of the "safety" ratings...but I felt like we just got our self into a mess because it's made a lot less safer when the person behind the wheel has no idea what they are doing. I'm a bit of a worry wart and honestly this car has been stressing me out.

none the less...I almost feel somewhat confident driving it now. Therefore I can finally talk about it without having an attack of some sort :O)

Anyway...our poor kids have had to suffer through me learning. On Wednesday I finally got the courage to take the kids out alllll by myself (no daddy in the car to get us out of trouble if ever we needed)! We went to the library, and it really was a good experience.

However, I was a bit nervous when I first got going and the car kind of stalled/shook a little bit...and the first thing oliver said was "CLUTCH IN" was hilarious, and I just looked at him and couldn't stop laughing. He has heard aaron say this time and time again with, oliver knows the ropes now, and knows when to tell me "clutch in". Very funny!

Oliver is also reallllly obsessed with the whole "red light" "green light" thing and stop signs too. Therefore, if I ever budge forward on a red light he lets me know I can't go.....On the same trip to the library, I was anticipating the light to turn green, because I knew it was our I started to go and he just yelled out really loud "wait, honey, wait!!!!" He was really concerned and thought I was doing something dangerous. Just the way he said it was so funny....I love this kid so much.

oh ya...for those who don't know, oliver calls aaron and I both "honey"....that's pretty much the only thing we call each naturally that is what oliver calls us as well :O).

Oliver is growing into such a big boy. Today he went to a friends house to play, and as I dropped him off, I just kept thinking....he looks SO GROWN UP! It was weird, and almost sad....He is a handsome little boy (of course I think so)....and I can't imagine what he's going to look like when he gets a little older. It is so strange thinking about those types of things!

Eliza is doing really great also. She is a MAJOR talker right now, and she talks really really REALLLY LOUD!!!!! ...actually it sounds more like "squawking" and yelling combined...but she's happy when she does it (well usually).

She also says these things on command, which is just really really cute:

ba-ba-ba (which when she does it, sounds like a chicken)
GROWL!!!! this is aaron's favorite...they will growl back and forth to each other, and he thinks it's just the funniest thing!

She is still doing a really fast army crawl (scoot), but has yet to figure out crawling on her knees. She tries everyday(constantly)....

She is also eating finger food, and that is FANTASTIC for me. Maybe I'm a bad person, but I really don't enjoy doing the whole baby food thing...I don't know why...but I just don't like spoon feeding....actually, I know why I don't like it....oliver didn't have any hair at her when he got messy it was SUPER easy to clean...Eliza however, has way TOOOOO much hair, and trying to contain it while she eats is un-do-able...she just pulls it out of it's little pony tail and then it's everywhere and food just gets all entangled in it.....Aaron said that's why baby's are NOT supposed to have really is so complicated. However, the good definitely out weighs the bad in this I won't complain...i just won't spoon feed our daughter :O). Just kidding.

So, yes, this really has been so great. She has three favorite things right now: Cheerios, Macaroni and Cheese, and Kidney beans! She also gnaws on broccoli and a few other vegetables....but hasn't quite got the teeth for those :O)


I hope everybody has a great weekend, and hopefully we'll do the same. It's really rainy and cold here, we'll have to get creative :O)


joni ann

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Flight of the Conchords.....

hey all....

this is kind of a silly post...however, I was feeling a little "grumpy/sad" the other day....and this song came into my head, and I COULD NOT STAY UPSET...I just laughed and thought to myself...these guys are SO WEIRD!
Anyway, thank you brittney for introducing me to "Flight of the Conchords". They make me laugh so hard...I don't want to ruin "sello tape" for all you all, but for whatever reason when a person is sad, this song really kicks the blues...
chorus: "Brown paper, white paper, stick it together with the tape...the tape of love...the sticky stu-uff, oooh ooh, Brown paper white paper..."
the lyrics to this song are such a bust.
Not to mention their faces are so serious, In a weird "Napoleon Dynamite" way. Anyway, check out these links, they'll make you laugh. And if you don't have time to look at them all, sello tape is my favorite, and super go there first! :O)

Sello tape
the most beautiful girl in the room (part time model...)
'Foux Da Fa Fa'

Wikipedia: Flight of the Conchords is a Grammy Award-winning folk, pop, and comedy band composed of Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement. Billing themselves as "Formerly New Zealand's fourth most popular guitar-based digi-bongo acapella-rap-funk-comedy folk duo"[1] (having been bumped by a tribute band of themselves, Like of the Conchords), the group uses a combination of witty observation, characterization and acoustic guitars to work the audience. The duo's comedy and music became first the basis of a BBC radio series and then an American television series, which premiered in 2007, also called Flight of the Conchords.

Monday, February 18, 2008

A very fun Valentine's Day...

Our Valentine's Day pictures....
all out of order! (I can never seem to figure it out :O)

aaron's delectable cookies!!! This was from the girls to the boys...and they were delicious! A not too sweet sugar type cookie...dunked in dark chocolate!...
Aaron and I's DATE to none other than the CHEESE CAKE FACTORY!!!!
Oliver's Lunch treat!
this is when the rose lost it's petals....
This is oliver offering the rose in the first place :O)
And this is the "distant" kiss he received in return....
aren't they DARLING!!!!
our family at the Valentine's Day party!


Better late than never right?

We really had a great Valentine's Day this year. It was the best Valentine's Day I have had since 2004(aaron and I decided we were pretty much "official" on the 14th, in 2004. We were very far apart in distance, but we realized we wanted to be together forever...well, it was kind of realized at that point...but there were still some rocky points to come :O) anyway!

This year's Valentine's Day was perfect!

It started out on the EVE of Valentine's Day. Aaron and I decided to go to our one and only ABSOLUTE FAVORITE place to eat....The Cheesecake Factory! Call us lame and boring if you'd like, but we pretty much never stray from this place. We even tried this time...but we both just craved it, so we had to go :O)

It was a beautiful evening of just he and I being together...perfect.

The next morning I decided I wanted to become more like my mother; On holiday's, we really celebrated them well. My mom and dad always did nice things for us sister's, and it was always such a fun treat.

So, I decided to make PINK, Heart-shaped waffles, with PINK milk! Oliver loved it, and it was fun to spice up our morning.

For lunch I used cookie cutters and made heart-shaped sandwiches for oliver (peanut butter and honey is his favorite :O)...with of course...more pink milk!

It was so fun. And it was fun because I really decided I didn't want to make the day all about being "let down" which sometimes I tend to do because I think aaron should be the one doing all of the thoughtful "love stuff"...anyway...I took matters into my own hands and it was fun for me.

That evening we went to our Courtyard Party! They had Chinese food, and tons of Great dessert! All of the women even got roses, and that was quite the treat :O) We let oliver give his friend a which she obligingly took which she then began hitting the rose quite hard onto the wooden surface which all of the beautiful petals went EVERYWHERE...thus oliver and her both just laughed and laughed soooooooooooooo hard! how age changes us....

Some friends and I got together and made cookies for our husband's the day before, and that too was a fun thing to surprise aaron with! ...they were so good, and they LOOOKED stunning as well! that is our Valentine's Day in a nut shell. I will send some fun pics!!!!!

Good day to you all!


joni ann

Sunday, February 10, 2008

68 Degrees....OOH BABY!


I just HAD to look at the temperature in our area....and you better believe it is 66+ degrees here right now, and should be 68 in another hour or so!!!

What a beautiful day it is today! The sun is shining, the winds are down....and yes it is REALLY REALLY WARM!!!!!

not only short weather...but it even feels like SWIMMING WEATHER!!!! wahoooo!!!!!!

I am in heaven, and hope we will do something to

Maybe a barbeque, maybe a little hike, maybe a little frisbee....maybe a little anything...
Thank you Heavenly Father for this beautiful world.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


hello to all,

Well...I feel as though I have kind of "slipped" out of the blogging world. I post once in a while...but as far as commenting and leaving posts on my friends and family's blogs, I have been very absent.

I am sorry for this.

I can't promise anything in the future, but do know that I think of you all, and hope the best for everybody.

Life has just been really crazy lately....whose life hasn't been crazy?... I know...but still. I am not a very good multi-tasker when it comes to being in a lot of places at once...especially replying to emails, or posts for that the end of the day when I have the energy (or not so much actually) to do those things...I choose to go to bed instead. Anyway...that is that.

Besides life being very has also been very good, very interesting, very frustrating at times, but mostly good. Life is good, and I love my family so much.

I love our little oliver and eliza...lately they wake up around 5 in the morning, to which this is what I hear from our bedroom as I listen to what is going on in oliver and eliza's bedroom:

1. rustling around and the talking of jibberish, as oliver rolls all over his "big boy" bed.

2. the blinds being thrusted from their tidy little spot as oliver lifts them up and says "done dark?"..."oh..still dark!!!!"

3. Him playing with random toys to which, if eliza has not already awaken at this she has!

4. oliver saying "sister...sister...sister" which, we then hear him climbing into her crib.

5. From this point on there are various "noises" some happy, and some not so happy as oliver and eliza use her tiny little crib as a play interesing don't you think!

I actually really love it. I love it because oliver is so aware of his sister, and most often times he wants to be nice to her and to love her...and most of all to play with her. He loves playing with her, and of course that is true bliss for a mother. I could never express in words what it means to me when I see oliver making eliza laugh, or vice versa...I love it, I absolutely love it. And when she is sad, he is aware, and tries to make her feel better...or tells me that she needs a bottle or a blanket, or a toy...what a blesssing they both are. I love them both so much, and I just don't know what I would do without them. they truly give life a "zing" (whatever that means)....but you know what I mean...they spice it up. They truly are the "salt" of my world and I just can't thank my Heavenly Father enough for both of them.

An example of how they Spice up Aaron and I's life is this:

2 saturday's ago the clouds had FINALLLY dispersed, the rain had finally subsided....and we decided we wanted to go for a bike ride.

We loaded up the kids and off we went, joined with some very good friends of ours. We headed up Campus and took the kids to see: the infamous "bell tower"...Oh my word, this is probably one of oliver's most favorite things right now, he loves the bell tower and will talk about it all day long, and want to see it and hear the bells constantly...this and going to the bank with daddy is like GOLD to him!!!! (especially if they give him candy:O)...we also took them to see a real orange tree, to which aaron picked two oranges off and gave it to oliver and his friend... we then took a few laps around a big fountain and then we landed for a time at the quad!!!! A big field to play on is precious when your kids have been cooped up for some time! We let the kids out and they ran around, kicked a soccer ball, threw the frisbee's...and just had a great time.

I honestly felt 100% rejuvinated that day...and you know why? It's because, having kids around gives us old folks a reason to act and to feel jovial frolic freely, to just enjoy life, to live without contention, anger, resentment, frustration....all of those things disapear when you have fun and let children rub off on you. I love that feeling. I love feeling like a kid again. I love spending time with oliver, eliza and Aaron. I love that Aaron loves to do fun things with the kids...I love my family and that is that.

We've had our share of of worry and frustration and I'm sure more will follow, but is good and I am so thankful to be living and to be sharing my life day in and day out with Aaron, oliver and eliza. I love my family.