Wednesday, January 30, 2008

mission complete!!!! is the trim (a new addition)

The Lovely flower embellishment!

And none other than the FINISHED PRODUCT!!!!


Ok folks...

here is my completed project....I hope you like it!!!

When eliza wakes up, I'll take some pictures of her in the dress...that way we can really see how it looks!!!!


therefore...sewing project #1 is complete! Any ideas for a new project? I'm thinking a patchwork skirt ("how-to" found on would be, I guess I will now just keep you posted on how that goes!!!!!


joni ann

Monday, January 28, 2008

I have been inspired...

Here is my "pillowcase" dress creation!!!!
many of you have probably not read the blog that follows these pictures. I wrote the blog last night...did my project, and I am just now posting the pictures. Therefore, to get a better understanding of these can read the blog attached.

this is the pillow case dress...but I chose not to actually use a pillowcase. I used some of the fabric I was telling all y'all about!
just another cute pic! I was really amazed when I put it on her this morning and it actually fit!!! I'm not very good (yet) at getting "creations" to actually it was a pleasant surprise!

A picture of the dress by itself...I'm not done, this is just what I got done last night. I will add fun embellishments sometime today(hopefully!!)

Sitting super cute....

Now that's a BIG Cheeser!!! Isn't she darling!!!
the flower in "your" left hand corner is an embellishment prospect...what do you think?

another of the same pics....I always do that! Oh well, she looks cute anyway!!


It is true, I have been inspired.

There is a girl in our ward who emailed a bunch of the women in the ward telling them about FREE Designer Fabric...(ps...if you read my blog, I can't thank you enough for sharing this information).

The people who offer this free fabric are an older husband and wife just down the street who open their home to anybody wishing to get FREE "POSH" fabric! friends talked me into going (after showing me all of the great fabric pieces they retrieved).

I was like a kid in a candy store....a child on Christmas morning....I COULD HARDLY CONTAIN MYSELF!!!!!

There is a lot of random material, some table cloth sized/curtain sized, and mostly small square pieces.

It is very Cool fabric. It isn't "just" cotton....there are just tons of really really interesting/different stuff...amazing. is how I've been inspired.

I came home with all of this fabric...and I DON'T just want to sit on it. I want to use it. So I have decided....(don't mark my words however) That I really want to try making clothes...mainly for eliza. dresses, shirts, onezies, embellishments...and if I get real brave I may even try some shirts and dresses for myself...I'd also like to figure out how to make "plaid"/button up shirts for oliver and Aaron (since that's pretty much what they always wear :O)....the only thing that seems tricky about that is the collar...but I'm sure I could figure that out one day.

I found this site on the Internet that has been the root of even this inspiration...the site is called:

On this site it shows SO MANY great projects that you can gives free/STYLISH patterns for shirts, pants, dresses, purses...You name it!!!!...and it's FREEEEE!

It gives "how-to's" on Tons of project ideas, and also sewing "how-to's" like how to read a pattern!

I love this site, and I truly just want to make so many things...
onezies are SOOOOO over priced, and how fun would it be to make your own! They are like a rectangular piece of fabric with arms and HARD can that be!!!!!!??????
Many of you know that my children LIVE in onezies (I'm not a fan of diapers hanging out of jeans...for whatever reason it just bothers me...not on "your" kids, but on mine it does :O)...oliver will probably be wearing an undershirt onezie until he is 10!...therefore this would be such a COST EFFECTIVE project!...anyway, I'm babbling because I am so very excited..

I am only telling you (whomever "you" is :O)...because if I write it down...and people read it...maybe it will keep me inspired, and I can show you my projects as I go, and this road of excitement will continue as long as long lasts :O).

Ok...I'm going to work on my first "creation"... a pillowcase dress for eliza! Would you like the site and "how to" on this? it is!

Love to all,

joni ann

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

pics... here are the pics! I hope you enjoy them....

Martin Family!!!! December 29th, 2007
this is us...
the original MARTIN's!!!!! FUN!
these two are just darling, don't you think...?
me and my mom's christmas stocking creations...I did the stitching, and she figured out how to sew it all doesn't seem like tricky business...but it is! thanks mom!
this is my sock!
Aaron's Sock! The very first one I ever attempted!
Oliver's Sock!!!!
Eliza's Sock!!!!
it was fun doing something a little different for her sock top!!!! Cute eh?

deb and I getting ready to brave the cold weather for a nice run...she's hard core, she does this all winter long...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!
this picture is dedicated to my eyelashes were "frost-bit"....I always love seeing that picture of my mom's face at the south pole when her eyelashes looked like this...hers was a lot cooler than mine...but this was a good attempt I thought!
oliver enjoying ande and tyler's bunnies!!!!!...poor ande was so sick :O(
our two cuties...I just love them so much. Oliver is such a great older brother. Eliza thinks he is just so funny!
A good Oliver and eliza Moment...he was blowing bubbles for her, and she just could NOT stop Laughing!!!! IT was so precious. gosh I love them.
good night to all, and to all a good night!!!

our christmas!


I've been taking forever to post this "christmas" aaron is out of town :O(, and I figure now or never, right?

Christmas really was amazing this year. We were gone for a really long time, but we really did have a great time.
I don't want to write too much, I know I am long winded, so I will keep that in mind, and truly try to keep the text short (and the pics for that matter because we didn't take ONE PICTURE...I can't believe it.)
Here is just an overview of the highlights!!!!

1. We flew into SLC on dec. 13th. We hung out with aaron's brother and his family for one night!

2. We drove to Jackson, Wyoming to see his Sister and her family!!!! We had a really great was "Great" in it's on interesting little way. Everybody was sick except for Aaron and tyler (his sister debbie's son) that was great fun.
It was so much fun just because we didn't go and do a TON of really exciting things...we stayed inside, and just enjoyed each other's company...and that to me is really fun.
We did go out some, but the cold was really too much for me to bare...I'm uncertain that I could ever handle that much cold.
Debbie and I went running one morning, and that was actually REALLY FUN! She bundled me up in some major gear (I looked like a bank robber...but nerdy-er because we were running in ridiculously cold weather).
I really enjoyed that run, and even though I was sick, that fresh air did me good!

3. We finally made it to Kanab....HOORAYY!!!! We arrived on Dec. 18th. I love going home...I just love that, you just can't get better than that!
The first thing I noticed when we got in was the house! It has been remodeled and my mom and dad and bean and kris have done such a great job in making it look so really made for a great welcoming!!!
The 2nd thing I noticed and will FOREVER AND EVER be grateful for, were 3 stockings hanging on the wall...the stockings I had started christmas 2004, and never been able to finish on my own. Mom, you may never know how much that meant to me...I am so happy to have family christmas stockings, and if it weren't for you they would have never gotten done.
While there, I also made a stocking for eliza, and my mom AGAIN helped me finish it....thank you and thank you and thank you again mom....I love you and really appreciate all of your help.

4. Eliza got really sick while we were gone. She ended up with RSV, and had to be hospitalized for one night in St. George. It was really scary, but thankfully she is ok, and she was better within a few days after being in the hospital.

5. It is interesting to me how christmas changes when you get older. The thought of Santa is still really quite exciting...but I feel like now there are even more exciting things to get excited about for christmas, and here is what I mean.
Family history hasn't always been that "thrilling" to me. However, this year for christmas, the best part was getting a "family book", enclosed with pictures, family history, quotes, great stories...and just on and so forth.
Bean sent us a questionnaire and we all participated in answering the questions. We didn't know exactly what she was going to do with the info...but on christmas eve she gave us all these great books. I love my book, and I can't wait for more editions to be made! Thank you so much bean for taking so much time, and making these books...I know we all are going to cherish them forever!
Jen also made us a dvd of really fun pictures of our was so fun to watch, and I just love having this stuff...I LOVE IT!!!!!

6. Now, besides the two family history gifts and my mom finishing our family stockings, my favorite things from this christmas are: a pretty brown dress that aaron suprised me with. I was dubious of it at first because it isn't the type of thing I've ever worn before...but it's grown on me, and...I just think he did such a great job picking it out on his own...and thinking of me. That meant so much to me honey....I love you!
Something else that I am really excited about (HEAVEN FORBID)...are RUNNING TIGHTS!!!! My mom is letting me use her VIP number for roadrunner sports, and letting me get a pair of running tights. We haven't picked out the exact ones...but nonetheless I can't wait to wear them...not so much how I will look running in them, but I know they are comfy for running, and I've been wanting them for such a long time.....Brooke inspired me to finally buckle down and get a pair. When we ran that race a while ago...I think I was the only one there out of thousands of people, WITHOUT tights....they are definitely a must have :O) thanks mom and dad!

7. The best part of that whole holiday vacation was just being with my family. We had a lot of fun together, even though we also shared a lot of sickness together....I hope everybody doesn't blame us completely. I know we were probably a high source of contamination...but it is that time of year, and it seemed like everybody everywhere else was sick too....but we are sorry for all of the sickness that went around. It was pretty obnoxious how sick everybody kept getting...luckily we're all getting back to good health, at least I think we all are anyway!

8. I know oliver had a blast with grandpa jon and grandma j....especially cooking marshmallows on New Years Eve....oliver had a blast, and I know grandma and grandpa did too! Oliver also loved looking for his toys with the flashlight...he is such a riot with that thing...thanks dad for helping us find a GREAT source of entertainment for our busy child! He is still using one of our flashlights to look for all sorts of good stuff!

9. Some milestones: Eliza got her first tooth while we were gone, and a second also...they are her front bottom teeth!
She is REALLY working hard to crawl, but just hasn't quite got it down yet....I'm sure she'll be there soon!
Oliver is really getting better with talking as well. He added a lot of the In between words while we were gone, and that has been really fun for him. He talks nonstop these days, and it is very fun to talk, talk, talk with's a very common conversation between the two of us:

oliver: Mama?
me: Yes dear?
oliver: what ya doin?
me: this is always changing, but usually I'm: changing a diaper, running, doing the dishes...or something like that
me: What are you doing?
oliver: Ummmm? ......and then whatever he is doing :O)
This same conversation will be conversed several times a is very funny!!!!!

ok, I think that is all for now....I'll try to find some good pictures to send!!!!

joni ann

long time no hear.....we're back!!!

hey everybody...

I have been putting off this post for quite some time now. I'm not sure why, but I just haven't felt like writing much lately.
I have actually...but just not here.
I am in desperate need of some really great...or atleast good advice! here it is...I am looking for a way to organize oliver and eliza's pictures, and I am not intersted in scrapbooking...and only because if I do it, I take way too long on one page, and I just can't make myself go's a major problem for me...anyway, I need to find something else, some other way to create photo books for our children. Does anybody have any ideas, or do any of you do things that are pretty fast.
I'm interested in doing the online photo books, and so far "blurb" seems to be the best one I have come up with...anyone familar with "blurb".....?
If anybody has any helpful info. on this subject matter...I would greatly appreciate it.

joni ann