Sunday, October 3, 2010

signing off...

Dear blog readers,

I am no longer doing a blog:O)....haha, if you haven't noticed.

I am on facebook and will post some pics every now and again, so for family who is really interested and friends can see some pics there.
I decided to put my pictures/thoughts directly into a photobook (blurb) and don't really want to keep this blog up. I know some people use their blog and put them directly into their photobook....but for me, I just find it easier to do it the way I am doing. I may revive the blog someday if I ever feel the need, but as of now....I'm signing off.
Thanks for all of the fun and kind comments!

Enjoy this fall season, I know we are!!!!!!

carpe diem,


brittney said...

sad day for us hardly-ever-do-facebookers.. maybe this will help me go on there more often!