Friday, April 2, 2010

Nature Inspires me (just so you know)...

here is what it looks like when you use fresh things from nature and add it to EASTER really is amazing, you should try it:O)

I guess I will give a small intro to the below pictures. Last year I really wanted to make my own dye for coloring Easter eggs (you know...using stuff that is natural, to be one with the earth:O)....however, I didn't get started early it just didn't happen. This year however, I was DETERMINED to at least attempt it...and here is how it turned out. I am very proud I must turned out much different then I could have ever expected (I wasn't expecting anything because I really had no idea how it would turn I guess it was no surprise:O). They are very dark and I will try and work with a few more color schemes the next go around (tomorrow maybe?..haha, I really want to figure out a few "kinks")....BUT, this is a start to a very fun Easter egg tradition!!!!!
ps....Dear Grandma, I hope you can see these eggs from all the way up there, because every time I look at them I think of you......I'm MOST definitely your grand-daughter if I have a LOVE for the beauty of eggs, just like you!.....I love you! (p.s.s...if you saw my hands right now, you would be proud. They look just like yours at the end of a long day out in the garden....)

Items used:

Red Onion peels + raspberries and blueberries
Brown Onion peels + Paprika
Greens picked from outside: leaves, grass, flowers......and so on:O)


above: grass + "orange" mixture

above left: leaves + purple mixture

Happy Easter Everybody...


MandaMommy said...

Wow! That is AWESOME! did you do it? Those are sooooooo beautiful!

James and Sarah Narramore said...

Wow! That looks awesome! They look like the eggs you see at the dinasaur (sp?) museum!

Bean said...

Hey Joni, I'm glad you are on Spring Break because you are posting tons of fun stuff! These are totally awesome eggs and yes...they remind me of grandma! You are so creative and your kids are so lucky to have such and innovative mom! sly

Chels said...

how very cool of you! Im lame-o and buy the kits... :os hehe
love your creativity!

Ashley Jackson said...

Very cool Joni, I love the eggs! I like them better than the store bought colors. Good job! That will be a great tradition:)

Malinda S. said...

I love them! Incredible! Share your recipes please!